Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Bornday L *2007*

These was a project I worked on for my Broski L as a birthday gift in 2007. It isn't often that I do something like this for someone so it took a lot of dedication. In the photo are 3 framed tech decks which I customized for him. In this process I took 3 tech decks, sanded off the original art, and painted them with Montana and Krylon paint. The art on them are stencils I cut which contain logos from his clothing company. The frames were canvas which I tore the canvas off of and painted them to match with the Montana and Krylon. It was a basic project but the stencil cutting is where it became difficult considering the size. The photo was taken by L, he's an amazing photographer and graphic artist. L is the only one to receive a gift like this. I also made him a shadowbox from w/ some of his photos and canvas' which my daughters drew on. Overall, I was happy with the outcome and I believe it had to do with how much heart was behind the gift...

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