Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let's Take A Sec To Think Back... [For my FAM] *Sometime in early 2000*

We came from an era where nautica, ralph lauren polo and chaps, colombia and tommy hilfiger was the apparel. Adidas, nikes, timbs, and new balances were the kicks. Nas, Mobb Deep, Pharcyde, Fugees, and so many more was the music. Walkman, Sketch books, rhyme books, streakers, pilots, krylon, and a pencil were the accessories. Backpacks on our backs and a buspass in our pocket. Ready to ride city transportation to our night spot destination. Drinkin mad dog 20/20 for the ladies and old e 40's for the guys. Herbs were a plus and chillin was necessary. So many heads amongst us. Different creeds, races, styles, everything is what we represented. We were universal within our city circle. We waited for every tuesday to come and peep the newest releases. And even during the week we'd take trips down south to tower records to cop old stuff we didn't have yet or couldn't find. Sometimes we had to collect wax cause some of the illest joints were only available that way. We wanted to be TRIED BY 12 rather than carried by 6. And we planned to keep going from 93 TIL INFINITY. We had NO NEED FOR ALARM and we were all MIDNIGHT MARAUDERS. We never questioned THE SCORE and everything always seemed ILLMATIC. We were THE INFAMOUS and were always known for taking BIZARRE RIDEs. We knew that the SUN RISES IN THE EAST even tho we repped the west. When we blessed the herb we were in BUHLOONE MINDTSTATEs. And really we might have been afraid but we were always READY TO DIE if it was our time. We were all UNASSISTED and knew EVERYBODY'S TALKIN. We all had a STORY and knew that there was never NO EQUAL when it came to comparisons of them. We came across WACK EMCEES and a bunch of BOO BOO HEADS. We were the CHOSEN ONEs but knew some day we'd hear TIME'S UP. We all wanted FAT POCKETS, but knew we had to take it to the NEXT LEVEL in order for that to happen. We dealt with THE BULLSHIT and hoped that ONE DAY it would fade out. Whether it was herb or nicotine it was 1,2 PASS IT. And we always had NO FEAR. None of us never knew what the hell LEFLEUR LEFLAH ESHKOSKA meant but boy did we grind to that joint. We WRECKONIZEd everything. And RESPECTed THE ARCHITECT. And we were always LOUNGIN regardless and we'd be quick to let people know WATCH WHAT YA SAYIN. TRUST ME, we all had some sort of style. We had MICROPHONE FIENDs, heads who rocked the walls with their GRAFFITI, people who'd bust to the BREAK, and heads who "turned labels on the turntables." We all had SOUL BY THE POUND and we all USED TO LOVE H.E.R, some of us still do. IF I RULED THE WORLD, I'd make us all be about ONE LOVE and wouldn't be complaining that LIFE'S A BITCH. LISTEN UP We all had BRAGGIN WRITES someway or another....

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