Friday, August 21, 2009

Heaven Sent

This is a sketch a did about less than a year ago. I was in love with the song that Keyshia Cole did. I guess the song inspired the sketch. I didn't color because I didn't want to ruin it. I love the way it looked with just the white paper and pencil sketch. Maybe one day it will get some color but for now I wanted to leave it as is. This drawing has so many different meanings to me because of how blessed I am. Although, my walk is stumbly He works with me daily to purify me. "Beauty From Pain by Superchick" has been my daily anthem because of the things I have endured through my life. I was saved over 4 years ago and I wish my walk would have been stable, but I have seen the magnificent things he has done in my life. My testimony is definitely one to inspire. I try my best to thank Him daily, speak with Him daily and read His word. I try to maintain my faith and trust that whatever comes my way he will be there to guide me...

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Jill W. said...

Bless you. ♥