Wednesday, October 14, 2009


In the true essence of adolescence friendships are created. Through the years we became more like family. Always there through the toughest times. And when our life paths separated us we picked up as if nothing ever really went missed. This is a birthday card I made for my "Brother"!!! I am terrible at making cards but this is who we are. We are so basic but so intricate. The letters were hand drawn and cut with and xacto knife. And like all my hand drawn letters I distress the edges. Distressing these letters gave it the old school feel. As if the drawing stayed on the wall for years. Which represents the friendship we have. Throughout the years neither of us changed from who we were, we just grew in different ways. I LOVE MY BROSKI!!! And here is my 3rd attempt with a birthday card.I can almost guarantee I won't be making very many more. Well, if I can help it anyway. I would rather just make albums. I am considering making one for his wife since I didn't make anything for their anniversary. So, yeah, that is all...

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Jill W. said...

seriously, how did i miss this?? This is great work...I would love to patent your xacto
I think there is more need for cards such as this one than what one realizes...enough with the flowers and butterflies already.