Friday, April 19, 2013


As most people know I am not a huge fan of making cards, but I recently joined Some Odd World and they had a challenge to "Trash Your Stash" and the stash was brads. I really had no route with this so I just dove right in. I told myself that I wanted to start making more cards so this way I would be able to share my work with my friends. Even if it was just a note to let them know I was thinking about them. Regardless, this was not very much work. I just took a pre cut card and dug into my ripped book pages. I LOVE book pages. Any story, any book, but mostly I like grungy old dictionary pages so that was most of the paper on the bottom. A little washii for some color accent under and a piece of vellum to go over. I modged podged the pages down and touched up with it up with some gesso. And the spray I used over was... home made kool aid alcohol sprays. Cherry and grape to be exact. Some plain silver brads and 2 post it stickies. I could give a step by step process but that would be too easy now wouldn't it. I have to say I love the outcome and someone may end up with this card and maybe not. The stamp I used was a digital file that I bought over at Some Odd Girl. Her work is absolutely amazing and I love coloring her characters. They're so fun and diverse. If you want a copic color plan, comment and I will have to go back and replay the coloring process to get it down.

Peace. 1L

I really need to stop playing kill confirmed by myself, my KDR just keeps dropping. 

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