Sunday, April 21, 2013

Project Life...

Week 3, yes I said week 3. Since I have been home I have been able to take advantage of some time to do sme PL'ing. I decided this might not be my thing but in all actuality it has been pretty simple. The week 3 title insert still needs to be sketched out, so I will get to that another day. Most likely today and I will need to sketch a few just to have ready for color. I dabble in graffiti so I wanted that to be a part of my project life because it is who I am and where my infatuation with art really started. I mostly use my phone for photos because I just don't remember to carry my camera, plus I took on this approach on what I carry in my purse. So the less the better. 

Week 3 left side

 Week 3 right side

Week 4 took an entire different approach because I realized I wasn't really utilizing my style. I was conforming myself to what I see all over the internet and honestly, it isn't truly my personality. I don't mind dabbling in the other styles, but I tend to love to hand make more than I like to do store bought. I do enjoy the idea of making life easier, but with all the time I have on my hands these day I need to feel like I am doing  something. I decided to utilize my old dictionary pages and you will probably notice more to follow suit. I also took on a approach of not fearing to use my stash. I have been hoarding so much for so long that now I decided it is time to showcase it instead of letting it sit on a shelf somewhere. I had a lot of fun with week 4. Took on some mixed media techniques with some quotes. I think week 4 made me realize I love project life and it is no longer a chore. I do notice that one of the slots is incomplete and the bling slipped now that I look at the photo. Yeah, I'll fix it. It just goes to show that sometimes imperfection does happen and you catch it last minute. Hey I'm a realist, I don't pretend everything I do is right the first time. I'm too lazy for that. Plus imperfection is my definition of perfection...

Week 4 left side

Week 4 right side

I hope you got to enjoy my pages and got some inspiration to try something different.
So in the mean time.
Peace, 1L!

And after a full day of project life why not hop on some Bops 2 and take the top of the leader board on your first match!!! I know, I know, you guys will be over this soon enough...

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