Saturday, April 27, 2013


I recently posted a card I made over at Some Odd World for a challenge. Well, for the first time ever my card was the spotlight on the Some Odd Girl Blog today! I did not win anything but the fact that my card was the spotlight was a HUGE honor to me. I know everyone has their moment to shine and today was mine. In all honesty this was one of the spirit lifters for the week I have been having. On a brighter note my Biggie me was blessed with her braces today. And I am truly amazed by how excited she is to show off her braces. It was a proud moment as a mom for me to be able to do this for her. Growing up with teeth issues I know what it is like to just want a genuine perfect smile. My mom could never afford it and so I suffered being made fun all my life to only now have a somewhat ok smile but not quite the way I wanted to do it. Regardless, hope that his smile may brighten someone's day as it did mine. Oh and the spotlight on the SOG blog was surely the icing on the cake for me!!!

Most kids don't like the idea of braces but she looked absolutely gorgeous with the brackets and she as STOKED!!! Moments like these make every challenging day worth the fight!

TFR! Peace! 1L

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